Episode #11: Trusting Your Instincts and Finding Authenticity in the Entertainment Industry with Audrey Rosenberg

Episode #11 on She's Big Time Now: Trusting Your Instincts and Finding Authenticity in the Entertainment Industry with Audrey Rosenberg

Release Date: 3/30/2023

Biggest Takeaway: Audrey Rosenberg is a powerhouse producer who designed her career around being a compassionate and creative changemaker for social justice through storytelling. She believes authenticity, self-awareness, self-care, having boundaries, being patient, and learning to trust her instincts were critical for her success in the entertainment industry. Audrey shares why she believes the media is a powerful tool to reach the masses, and to raise awareness and support for social justice causes. When you are inspired to become and empower changemakers, there is no telling the ripple effect you can have to ‘Repair the World’ as Audrey says.

Introducing Audrey Rosenberg: Audrey Rosenberg is a Peabody Award-Winning and Emmy-Nominated Producer. She co-founded Invisible Pictures, a New York based woman-led production company that was in operation for more than five years and received national acclaim for its films, including the 2022 HBO documentary, Katrina Babies. Audrey has several new exciting projects in the works, including a TV series starring Sharon Stone and a broad female comedy film. Audrey is a member of the Television Academy, the Producers Guild of America and the Documentary Producers Alliance. She is on the board of New York Women in Film and Television, which advocates for inclusion in media and supports women at every stage of their careers. With her extensive experience in producing films such as Katrina Babies, Bull, Long Weekend, Traders, and the TV series Soul City, Audrey is a true inspiration to aspiring producers. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How self-awareness and collaboration have played a role in Audrey’s success
  • Where Audrey’s passion for social change comes from and how it motivates her work
  • Why networking and staying authentic are critical for your success

Watch a clip of the episode on YouTube below and listen to the full episode here.

What films have affected change in you? 

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Connect with Audrey:

“I was raised with the notion that you provide service. You have to care. You have to care about people. You have to care about the world.” - Audrey Rosenberg


Connect with Joy:

“I love being able to share people’s journeys because I feel like we can learn so much from another woman's story that can impact our own path in life.” - Joy Sutton

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