Episode #7: Overcome Your Fear of Rejection with Shequeta L. Smith

Episode #7 on She's Big Time Now: Overcome Your Fear of Rejection with Shequeta L. Smith

Release Date: 3/2/2023

Biggest Takeaway: Shequeta L. Smith is a true GAME CHANGER! She is representing women and girls of color in comics and games, filling the gap in the industry. Shequeta has excelled by taking bold risks, acting like she always belonged, being able to pivot, and believing in her own gut instincts. When the impossible becomes possible, like filming abroad, and getting a seat at a sold out convention, Shequeta’s story shows you how you can feel like a hero for your business adventures as well!

Introducing Shequeta Smith: Shequeta L. Smith is a trailblazer. When she realized there had never been a black female on the cover of a comic book as a superhero, she decided to change that. In 2016, Shequeta launched the multimedia company, Shero Comics, and eventually held the first all female comic convention, SheroCon. Not to mention that for more than fifteen years she's been writing and directing films and award winning screenplays featuring powerful women. Now she's branching out into the gaming industry with a new division of her company Shero Games. On the show she shares why her ability to pivot is her super power, why she believes more people should consider crowdfunding to raise money for their businesses, and why she thinks getting into the gaming industry is a game changer.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Shequeta believes the ability to pivot is so essential in entrepreneurship
  • How she learned to trust her instincts
  • How confidence was key in her journey
  • How Shequeta saw a need in the comic industry and filled it
  • How to deal with rejection and things not working out
  • Why knowing your purpose is essential for when things get tough

Watch a clip of the episode on YouTube below and listen to the full episode here.

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Connect with Shequeta:

“This is what little Black girls need, to have companies like this showing them characters in their likeness. There is a gap in the industry that’s not being filled and it doesn’t seem like they are trying to fill it. This is what my life is dedicated to now. When you are doing things in your purpose, even the rejections don’t bother you, and you become bulletproof to resistance.” - Shequeta Smith



Connect with Joy:

“Many of us have these big dreams but we are often afraid to go after them. But little risk often means little rewards. You gotta jump off the cliff and take the opportunity to see if you succeed.” - Joy Sutton

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